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Learn, Create and Grow

With our industry proven educational labs, the professional engineering services and advanced technical consultations we provide.

About Us

RAFA Solutions is a systems integrator company specialized in Smart Machines and data acquisition/control systems. It provides Robust and Flexible Advanced Solutions for Machinery Control and Automation. Established in 2012, company actively collaborates with National Instruments Corporation. Currently we have a status of National Instruments Silver Alliance Partner. We are experienced in development and manufacturing of daughter boards for NI sbRIO, FlexRIO and other custom modules.
In 2014 we launched our educational labs product line. Our educational products are already available for sales through our distributors network and have been delivered to tens of universities all over the world.
Our team has the experience of building high quality, reliable and cost-effective products and solutions that can take industrial and manufacturing operations to a whole new level of efficiency.
RAFA Solutions provides automation solutions and systems to a variety of industries including:
• Material Testing               
• Food Industry                  
• Pharmaceutical Industry
• Oil and Gas Industry       
• Mining Industry                
• Automotive Industry       
• Energy segment, etc.      


We help to learn engineering with the technology you will use in your future professional career. The lab solutions come with courseware created and approved by the honored professors. From industry to education, RAFA academic products shorten the time you invest in learning advanced technologies used in major industries.


We design and automate smart machines of the future. Our real-time test systems created for automotive applications are customized specially for you. The data loggers we create are customized for your specific applications and needs and have the best value as a full solution provided.


With the professional expertise and the qualified team we help your business grow faster. Any complicated LabVIEW project that requires advanced FPGA or signal processing knowledge is for us to solve, helping you to grow faster. With our help your idea and a draft project can grow to the best defined technical requirement and product design.


We believe that our highly skilled professionals (engineers, designers, managers, etc.) are the foundation of our company and the key to our success. RAFA Solutions family is combined of friendly people of various disciplines, selected for their mentality skills, creativity and care for our customers’ needs. Our qualified engineers are specialized in industrial automation, embedded design, mechanics, electronics, physics, software development and robotics. We have Certified LabVIEW Architects (CLA), Certified LabVIEW Developers (CLD) and Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developers (CLED) among the team, who are engaged in all our projects. It is very important to mention about the professional project management procedures that are set in our company and lead to have a very effective team performance and assure our customer's satisfaction.
Rafayel, having over 10 years of experience in engineering, was able to transform a small start-up company into a successful business in relatively short time. Rafayel gathered a team of experienced engineers from different fields, assuring wide specialization of the company and he takes care for the sales and project management. In parallel with managing the company he organized and setup an assembling factory for production of the first Armenian tablet.
Rafayel Ghasabyan
Chief Executive Officer
Arev is a professional with 10+ years of experience. Starting her journey in IC design she later joined RAFA Solutions as the first systems engineer. She is currently the technology guru and the leader for both product development and system integration. She is a Certified LabVIEW Embedded Developer as well as Certified LabVIEW Architect.
Arev Hambardzumyan
Chief Technical Officer
Danish, being an experienced mechanical engineer with experience of working with big companies from Saudi Arabia and India, joined RAFA Solutions almost from first days and was able to handle both mechanical design tasks as well as become one of the first CLAs of the company.
Danish Ahmad
Lead Mechanical Engineer
Zina is an engineer with a creative mind, she is currently leading all the user interface developments at RAFA Solutions. Starting as an engineer in past she can now feel and satisfy the exact needs of our customers, by making the most user-friendly applications.
Zina Mamulyan
Lead UI/UX Designer

Partners and Associations

Our mission to deliver advanced solutions wouldn’t be possible without a strong partnership with companies that provide high quality products and services for the best solutions. RAFA Solutions has created a network of partners, including universities and large industrial companies to propose complete and robust solutions to customers.

Latest News

  • Nov, 27

    RAFA Solutions has participated in NIDays 2015 Conference

      27 November, 2015 – RAFA Solutions has participated in NIDays 2015 Annual Conference. The conference was held in MTUCI Congress Center in Moscow, Russia. The conference is dedicated to modern measuring and information technologies for building automated test systems, control and monitoring. Traditionally, the conference brings together the best specialists of the industry, including more Read More

    Oct, 20

    SPACE – Industrial UI Controls Kit is now available in NI LabVIEW Tools Network

      20 October, 2015 – RAFA Solutions today announced the release of their new product Space – Industrial UI Controls kit. Product is designed for users who seek to make his industrial application look professional and at the same time modern and fascinating. Space is a unique product that is intended to fasten customization process Read More

  • Oct, 13

    RAFA Solutions is participating in Armenian ICT European Expedition

      13 – 21 October, 2015 – RAFA Solutions will participate in Armenian ICT (Information and Communication Technology) European Expedition. The expedition represents an auto rally across over 13 European countries. RAFA solutions will participate in part of the auto rally visiting Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Katowice. Expedition is held from October 4 to November 6. Read More

    Oct, 4

    RAFA Solutions participated in DigiTec 2015

      2-4 October, 2015 – RAFA Solutions participated in 11th annual international technological “DigiTec 2015” exhibition organized in Yerevan, Armenia. The exhibition was held in “Yerevan Expo” center located in Yerevan Scientific Research Institute of Mathematical Machines. Several products and services were showcased. Company also presented its new educational lab stand for research and investigation of industrial Read More

  • Sep, 25

    RAFA Solutions’ Educational Products are now available at

    25 September, 2015 – RAFA Solutions announced its partnership with Studica – the education source for software and technology products. RAFA Solutions will represent its educational products at Serving world education markets Studica will allow to represent our products to a wider range of students, educators and schools. Currently four educational products are available at Studica.   DAnS Read More

    Sep, 18

    RAFA Solutions has got the second CLED

    18 September, 2015   – Our colleague Anahit Tamazyan has been awarded LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer Certification by National Instruments. A Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer (CLED) shows competence and ability in analyzing requirements, designing, developing, debugging and deploying reliable mission-critical embedded control and monitoring applications based on NI CompactRIO, NI Single-Board RIO and/or NI R Read More

  • Aug, 26

    Protocol Analyzer Educational Kit based on NI myRIO is released and now available in NI LabVIEW Tools Network

    26 August, 2015 – RAFA Solutions has announced the release of their new educational kit “Protocol Analyzer Educational kit based on NI myRIO”. This excellent software was developed in order to help students and individuals to study protocols in an easy and fascinating way. Protocol Analyzer is an educational software combined of exercises and demonstrations that Read More

    Aug, 3

    RAFA Solutions is participating in 21st annual NI Week in Austin, TX

    3 August, 2015 – RAFA Solutions is participating in the 21st annual NI Week, hosted by National Instruments at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, TX. The conference is held from August 3 to 6. NIWeek is the ultimate learning environment that gives the tools and knowledge to develop applications faster, smarter, and more cost-efficiently. The conference includes over Read More

  • Jul, 16

    Electrical Measurements Lab based on NI VirtualBench is released

    16 July, 2015 – RAFA Solutions today announced the release of their new product “Electrical Measurements Lab”. “Electrical Measurements Lab” is an educational software based on NI VirtualBench. The aim of the electrical measurements laboratory is to help students study operational principles and obtain skills of working with voltmeters, ammeters, digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, signal generators, and Read More

    Jul, 3


    3 July, 2015 – InPEduS has been selected as a 2015 LabVIEW Tools Network Product of the Year award finalist. LabVIEW Tools Network Product of the Year award recognizes achievements in innovation and is designated for outstanding software apps and add-ons on the LabVIEW Tools Network. Each year, National Instruments leadership selects outstanding software apps and add-ons Read More

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