Educational Labs

Conveyor Stand for Research of Industrial CommunicationsIndcom
Educational Stand for studying industrial protocols and controllers programming from NI and Siemens.
Industrial Internet of Things Lab based on NI myRIOIoT
The purpose of the Lab is to provide software and hardware platform for learning the concepts of the IIoT.
Protocol Analyzer Educational kitProtocol Analyzer
Protocol Analyzer is an educational software for NI myRIO intended for analysis of digital protocols.
Electrical Measurements Lab for NI VirtualBenchElectrical Measurement Lab
An educational software designed to help students obtain skills of working with electrical measurement devices.
DAnS – Data Analysis SoftwareDAnS
DAnS is an off-the-shelf software tool designed to make analyzing and reporting of logged data more efficient.
InPEduS is an educational software intended for learning basics of industrial protocols and interfaces.
InPEduS + AvionicsInpedus_avionics
InPEduS+Avionics is an educational software intended for studying basics of most popular industrial and avionic protocols.
Metrology Lab based on NI ELVISMetrology
“Metrology Lab” is an educational software aiming to help students study metrology basics.