Industrial Products

RLogger for NI myRIORlogger
An easy-to-use and intuitive software application for data logging and control systems. RLogger is designed for NI myRIO.
RLogger for NI sbRIORlogger_sbrio
Off-the-shelf and intuitive software for data logging and control applications. The application is intended for NI sbRIO platform.
Universal Static RAM turnkey testersram
High performance universal Static RAM tester based on NI STS or NI PXI platforms.
Universal Adapter Board for NI sbRIO-9606Board
Board offers analog IO channels, digital IO channels, relay channels and RS-485 digital communication ports.
Coming Soon… SDLC/HDLC Module for NI CompactRIOAdvance Calc
SDLC/HDLC Interface module for NI CompactRIO systems offers four RS485/422 compatible channels.
DAnS – Data Analysis SoftwareDAnS
DAnS is an off-the-shelf software tool designed to make analyzing and reporting of logged data more efficient.