Successful Delivery of Static RAM Tester Project in Russia



22 March, 2017 – RAFA Solutions has successfully delivered a project for the Static RAM (SRAM) memory tester based on National Instruments’ PXI platform in Russia.

Static RAM tester is a high performance universal solution intended for the parametric and functional test of SRAM memory chips. The system uses NI PXIe-6556 200 MHz digital waveform generator/analyzer module, which features also per pin parametric measurement unit, as well as NI PXI-4130 Source Measure Unit, allowing control of memory chips in wide range of power supply voltages.

The developed system has two configurations, supporting 2 and 4 NI-6556 modules. The largest configuration of the system provides up to 90 digital channels.

The system allows to perform functional test of static RAM memories, as well as measure set of electrical parameters, such as current consumption and signal voltage levels.

The system comprises of the hardware platform, adapter boards and the software. Test system’s software allows to create IC profiles, memory data arrays, timing profiles, custom tests using convenient GUI. The software allows to perform not only custom created tests, but also to verify the memory chips with the most popular tests, such as Checkerboard, MATS and March C-.

The solution includes adapter board, implementing functions of line multiplexing, thus allowing connection of any IC pin to power or digital lines. This system includes separate socket boards, supporting wide temperature range (from -55C to +80C), for testing IC in temperature boxes.

The customer of the developed system is the test and certification center “Promtehnosert”, located in Moscow region, Russia.


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Promtehnosert is an autonomous non-commercial “Test and Certification Center”, established in 2010.
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