Industrial Products

During the last 4 years we have developed and integrated many industrial projects. The huge experience accumulated gives us opportunity to start building our own products. The biggest project that we are currently working on and is still not launched is the so called “WiseLogger” which will be our own data logging system with a very flexible ready to go software and customizable hardware options.


Educational Labs

The educational labs and training kits we develop together with the advanced and comprehensive courseware and didactic materials help the professors and students to study industrial protocols. The educational product line we have is growing every month and covering more and more subjects. The geography of our customers for educational products is wide and diverse. Our major partner for educational products is Studica – the leading distributor and education source for software and technology products for students, educators and schools.


LabVIEW Experience

Having extensive experience in LabVIEW development we have decided to share our experience by providing various toolkits to help in creation of better applications.
Currently there are more than 10 products available on NI LabVIEW Tools Network. Our LabVIEW toolkits are created to add capabilities to National Instruments platforms. The wide range of products includes toolkits for creation of advanced user interfaces, addition of multi-language support into custom LabVIEW applications, speed up FPGA development, etc. All our toolkits are LabVIEW Compatible and insure proper integration with NI software and hardware.