CAN Bus Analyzer for CompactRIO


Recently we received an interesting request to develop a LabVIEW driver for one of the standard Robot Arms which communicates over the CAN bus. Through our research we created the CAN Bus Analyzer, with which we were able to monitor the frames going back and forth between the robot and its default windows application.

CAN Bus Analyzer is intended for the analysis of CAN bus communication between two devices. The analyzer is based on the NI CompactRIO (cRIO) platform. The software application is developed in the LabVIEW graphical programming environment.

The analyzer was developed for analysis of CAN communication of Robot Arm mover4 from Commonplace Robotics. The analyzer has two versions: based on NI 9853 2-Port, the High-Speed CAN Module, and based on  the NI 9862 1-Port High-Speed/FD NI-XNET CAN C Series Module.

The first version of the analyzer is developed on FPGA platform.

The main features of the analyzer are:

  • Based on NI CompactRIO hardware platform
  • CAN communication implementation on FPGA
  • Support of NI 9853 and NI 9862 CAN modules
  • Lossless Data Logging

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