Custom Board Test System


Customer – Polyot
Country – Russia
The custom Board Test System is a special software application for functional test and parameter measurement of control and signal processing device board.

The Test System is based on the NI PXI platform, which includes modules for waveform generation (NI PXIe-5673), oscilloscope module (NI PXIe-5162), as well as matrix module for automatic switching of the board external connections (NI PXI-2534).

Software application has automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes of testing. The system measures all main parameters of the board, such as amplitude and DC offset of the signals, pulse width, and pulse difference. The results are combined into comprehensive test reports in MS Excel format.

The main features of the system are:

  • Intended for the systems based on NI PXI platform
  • Automatic and manual modes of testing
  • Automatic switching of the signals depending on the tests
  • Full configuration of control and measurement modules
  • Transmission of control commands for signal generation with serial protocol RS232
  • Signal parameters measurement (amplitude, dc value, pulse width)
  • Integrated window for oscilloscope
  • Visualization of test signals and results
  • Checking of the test results versus reference values
  • Creation of reports for test results in MS Excel format

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