Rheometer Control System

Customer – Rheology Solutions
Country – Australia
The purpose of the Rheometer Control System (RCS) was to create such a system (a combination of software and hardware) that would allow us to continuously monitor the flow properties of liquids in the pipe in real-time.

The developed system provides instant and accurate rheological data (viscosity) in real-time so that products are maintained within their specifications during manufacturing and processing.

RCS consists of two boards (high voltage and low voltage), which are working in conjunction with NI sbRIO-9606 board.

The low voltage board implements functions of signal conditioning and data acquisition from a temperature sensor, strain gauge sensor and load sensor, control and monitoring of digital I/O-s, as well as a signal generation for control of the piezo actuator.

The high voltage board is intended for the amplification of the piezo actuator control signal and the formation of amplifier power supply.


  • Signal Conditioning for Strain Gauge, Load Cell, and RTD Sensors
  • 3 Channel Data Acquisition with 16-bit ADC
  • 16-bit DAC for Piezo Actuator Control
  • Onboard 100V Power Supply Generation
  • Up to 100V Signal amplification for Piezo Actuator Control
  • Eight 24V optically isolated digital inputs
  • Eight 24V optically isolated digital outputs

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