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RAFA Solutions today announced the release of their new product InPEduS (Industrial Protocols Educational Software).

Our team has developed InPEduS, educational software for study of industrial protocols and interfaces. The product previous versions have already been released to leading universities of engineering field in Armenia and Russia. This newest version is even more easy to use and perfect, fulfilled with new interesting demonstrations and illustrations.
InPEduS is mostly intended to be used within courses for protocol studies in engineering universities. It gives a full complex for study of 9 popular protocols, which are: CAN, GPIB, Modbus, SPI, I2C, RS232, RS485/RS422, TCP, and UDP.

This product has two versions: hardware integrated and without hardware. The NI hardware is needed for hardware integrated version of the product, while the product without hardware can be used without any hardware. The main difference between these two versions is that the product with hardware uses real modules for real data transfer with protocols, while the version without hardware includes only exercises and simulations of data transmission and reception.

Product Interface gives a possibility to use it in two languages (English/Russian). This option makes InPEduS suitable for wide range of users. Moreover, for easy understanding of all software functionality, the product has integrated Help, with detailed descriptions of all product features.
User Interface of InPEduS was of a separate importance. The design of the software was as important for our engineers as the functionality and all other features. An interesting and fresh solution of the software design makes InPEduS even more convenient and nice for use.

However, the main issue to solve in this product was the creation of interesting and effective exercises and demonstrations for the protocols.
Our engineers spent a significant amount of time studying protocols themselves and developing exercises for each of the protocols that will be both educating and interesting. In order to implement exercises, the end user should be acquainted with data frames, data transmission and reception modes, error handling mechanisms as well as with the purposes of the corresponding protocol. This would be impossible without reliable tutorials for each of the protocols.

The user manual for the product solves this problem almost fully. It unites full descriptions for all the protocols, as well as instructions for the exercises and demonstrations. Moreover, demonstrations give a unique opportunity for the students to understand the protocols fully in terms of visualization of data transmission and reception. In hardware integrated version these visualizations are real, the transmission and reception of data are processed within the modules using real protocols, while in the version without hardware all these visualizations are done virtually through simulations.
The software also provides easy report making mechanism for correctly implemented exercises that can serve for both students and tutors to have documentation of implemented work.

All these features make InPEduS an adjuvant tool to make the studying process of protocols fascinating. All options introduced above make it an ideal platform to learn industrial protocols course either on your own or within a class.


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