RAFA Solutions at DigiTec Expo 2019

RAFA Solutions took part in one of the most exciting international technological exhibitions in Armenia - DigiTec EXPO 2019.

DigiTec Expo is a high-tech exhibition that has already become a traditional annual event in Yerevan. Its history begins in 2005, and since then DigiTec has been organized every autumn under the high patronage of the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

The event reflects the current state of the Armenian ICT market and provides an opportunity to get acquainted with new achievements, problems, as well as the prospects of the sphere. The 15th annual exhibition was held on October 6-9 at the “Yerevan Expo” center (Yerevan Scientific Research Institute of Mathematical Machines). It took 4 days instead of the usual 3 days.

RAFA Solutions was presenting the Material Testing Machines Automation Platform (MTMAP) – an automation system for Universal Testing Machines and one of its leading educational labs - IIoThink.

MTMAP is created for the machines performing special tests like tension, compression, bend, shear strength, fatigue tests on various materials including metal, composite, plastic, rubber, sheet materials, wire, medical implants, etc. This universal solution for machines consists of a controller and a software environment which means that the Machine builders can create a new machine, customize it and build the corresponding end-customer’s software via configuration of the platform. The main benefits of the universal platform are the modular hardware platform, easily configurable software application and the user-friendly interface.

IIoThink is an educational lab, created to reduce the gap between Electrical Engineering and Computer Science students, helping them to easily integrate into Industry 4.0. It is a three-month introductory course for on-boarding into the knowledge of sensors, actuators, data acquisition, connectivity, cloud computing, data analysis, etc., in other words - the essential parts of any IoT product. There are 2 versions of IIoThink Lab - based on NI myRIO and NI ELVIS III.

This year DigiTec was proceeding in parallel with World Congress on Information Technology – WCIT2019 which brought to Armenia many business people and professionals from all over the world. This gave us the opportunity to have more attendees to our booth compared to previous years. Xilinx vice president visited our booth and as we use the FPGAs from Xilinx, we may have further meetings and tighter collaboration due to that short discussion during DigiTec.

During DigiTec19 RAFA Solutions’ team had a great time introducing their products and networking with other participants and the company’s potential partners.


About RAFA Solutions
RAFA Solutions provides Robust and Flexible Advanced Solutions for Industrial Automation.
We are a system integrator company with extensive software as well as hardware development expertise leveraging advanced technologies. Our high quality automation systems are a result of engineering excellence.
Our engineers have the expertise to build high quality, reliable and cost-effective products and solutions that can take industrial or manufacturing operations to a whole new level of productivity.
RAFA Solutions team can develop detailed system requirements and designs to solve your automation problems starting from a sketch on a piece of paper or your well thought out concept. For more information, visit here.

About DigiTec Business Forum

DigiTec Expo is an international high-tech exhibition which annually gathers around 120 leading Armenian and international IT companies and around 60,000 visitors in one platform. DigiTec has been organized every autumn under the high patronage of the Government of Republic of Armenia.

DigiTech Expo annually gathers leading Armenian and international IT professionals in one platform to provide B2B, B2C and B2G networking opportunities. The main objective of this technology festival is introducing the latest trends and innovations in this sphere by the experienced representatives of different industries. For more information, visit here.

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