RAFA Solutions participated in GDevCon #2

RAFA Solutions participated in the Independent Graphical Developer Conference (GDevCon), which was held on 21-22 of August in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

GDevCon’s goal is to deliver high-quality graphical programming material covering a wide range of relevant topics. It helps to build an understanding of medium to large scale LabVIEW solutions.

Arev Hambardzumyan joined the conference both as a speaker and a participant. Arev presented her “Designing advanced UI/UX for LabVIEW based applications” topic during the second day of the event, gaining positive feedback from the conference participants.

During the presentation, the best practices for designing user-friendly and intuitive UIs were discussed. The presentation highlighted the main differences between UI designs depending on applications and intended users.

You may download her presentation from our website (if you are logged in).

A couple of words about what was there at GDevCon #2.

The first day of the event started with introductory presentations and more advanced presentations like “Application Design Around SQLite” by James Powell, “Why Bother With Continuous Integration?” by Chris Woodhams.

There was a discussion about different source code control tools, such as Jenkins and Git.

One of the most exciting news of the days was the announcement by the National Instruments about a free professional version of LabVIEW. It’s released for non-commercial, non-educational purposes for the LabVIEW community.

The 22nd of August was full of interesting topics like Tom McQuillan’s “Developing Plugin Tools: Take Your Frustrations Away” and Matthias Baudot’s “Start Programming Web Applications in Pure G, Now!”.

The event proceeded with a panel discussion focused on interviewing, hiring and motivating new developers in the companies. Quite inspiring motivational challenges were discussed – like organizing hackathons for the developers, assigning some free time from working hours for self-education, developing their interests.

GDevCon 2019 had very friendly and open environment encouraging everybody's active participation in the sessions, making them more interactive and interesting. The presentations were selected in such a way, that the conference was valuable to all participants, regardless of their LabVIEW knowledge level and background.


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About GDevCon

GDevCon is an independent conference open to all graphical developers. Organised by leaders in the LabVIEW™ community, GDevCon is focused on delivering world-class graphical programming material covering a wide spread of topics relevant to today’s discerning developer. For more information, visit here.


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