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InPEduS is an educational software that is intended to help students learn basics of industrial... more
Product information "InPEduS"

InPEduS is an educational software that is intended to help students learn basics of industrial protocols and interfaces. Software is combined of interesting and useful exercises and demonstrations, which give a unique opportunity to deeply understand the structure and operation principles of protocols.

InPEduS software includes 9 popular protocols:

  • CAN
  • GPIB
  • I2C
  • Modbus
  • RS232
  • RS485/422
  • SPI
  • TCP
  • UDP

For each of the protocols from 1 to 3 exercises are designed that serve to test student’s knowledge and help them to get the full idea of protocols. A demonstration is designed for each protocol, to visualize the working mechanism. InPEduS also gives opportunity to make reports for finished exercises.

InPEduS provides User Manual with full descriptions of all protocols and instructions for exercises in order to perform them correctly. It is possible to open User Manual during implementation of exercises.

InPEduS is an adjuvant tool to make studying process of protocols fascinating. All options introduced above make it an ideal academic platform to learn industrial protocols course either by your own or within a class.

Software is suggested in two versions with hardware support and without.

The hardware integrated version is designed to work with NI PXI and appropriate modules for each protocol.

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Common Hardware (Should be included for all protocols/interfaces) NI... more

Common Hardware (Should be included for all protocols/interfaces)

NI PXI-1042 8-Slot 3U Chassis with Universal AC Power Supply

NI PXI-8108 Core 2 Duo 2.53 GHz Controller, Win 7

Power cord, 120V, 10A, US

Hardware required for CAN protocol

NI PXI-8513/2, CANInterface, Software-Selectable, 2 Port

NI CAN Device Simulator,US 120 VAC

NI CAN Single Termination Cable(1m)

Hardware required for RS232 protocol

NI PXI-8430/2, 2 Port, RS232 Serial Interface

RS232 Null ModemCable (1m)

Hardware required for RS485/422 and Modbus protocols

PXI-8431/2, 2 Port, RS485/RS422 Serial Interface

RS485 Null ModemCable (1m)

Hardware required for TCP and UDP protocols

NI PXI-8231, GIGABIT Ethernet for Windows and LabVIEW RT

Cable Assembly, CAT-5EEthernet, Thin Profile, 2M

Hardware required for GPIB protocol

NI Instrument SimulatorV2.0,Univ.US. 120VAC

X13 GPIB Cable, MicroD25 to Shielded cable/Standard connector, 2M

Hardware required for I2C interface


Hardware required for SPI interface

NI PXI-7952R NI FlexRIO FPGA Module (Virtex-5 LX50, 128MB RAM)

NI 6581 100MHz DIO (54 Channel) NI FlexRIO Adapter Module

NI SHC68-H1X38 Cable, 1.5m

NIUSB-8451, I2C/SPI/SMBusInterface

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