RLogger – Data Logging and Control System for NI myRIO

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RLogger – Data Logging and Control System is an easy-to-use and intuitive software application... more
Product information "RLogger – Data Logging and Control System for NI myRIO"

RLogger – Data Logging and Control System is an easy-to-use and intuitive software application for NI myRIO. It is an off-the-shelf software tool designed for data acquisition, logging, control, and real-time viewing.

Combined with the myRIO hardware it is an off-the-shelf solution to log and view in real-time signals from various sensors. The system is equipped also with digital and analog outputs allowing control of different actuators. Intuitive user interface allows to configure and run the system in minutes.

The software allows to combine data from different sensors creating virtual channels, create user defined triggers and alarms, log only required data using triggers, control analog outputs based on analog input signals using closed-loop-control, etc.

Real-time viewing screen allows to view selected data channels as graphs or numeric, shows the latest alarms and status of the logger.

Logged data can be viewed using offline viewing screen of the application. The data is logged in TDMS files.

Software features:

  • Quick and easy system configuration
  • Supports myRIO-1900 and myRIO-1950 hardware
  • Configurable filtering of analog input channels
  • Configurable sampling rate
  • Creation of virtual channels and user-defined alarms
  • Waveform generation on FPGA for control of analog output channels
  • Closed-loop control of up to two analog output channels
  • Real-time representation of data on graphs
  • Data logging in TDMS file format

Hardware features:

  • Xilinx FPGA and dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor
  • Up to 10 analog input channels (12-bit resolution)
  • Up to 6 analog output channels (12-bit resolution)
  • 32 bidirectional digital channels
  • Wireless connection to the PC

The software application is suggested in two versions, standard and light.

RLogger features comparison

Feature RLogger Light RLogger
Analog Input Channels + +
Analog Output Channels + +
Virtual Channels   +
Digital Output Channels + +
Alarms + +
Closed Loop Control for Analog Output Channels   +
Control of Analog Output Channels based on Alarms   +
Control of Digital Output Channels based on Alarms   +
Real-Time Viewer + +
Offline Viewer + +
Support for myRIO-1900 + +
Support for myRIO-1950 + +
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