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The Calculator Toolkit for LabVIEW easily adds calculator functionality into custom... more
Product information "Calculator LabVIEW Toolkit"

The Calculator Toolkit for LabVIEW easily adds calculator functionality into custom applications. The toolkit includes Standard, Scientific and Programmer types of calculators, and four styles of user interfaces for custom, silver, system and modern VIs.

NOTE: You will receive the source code when purchasing the toolkit! 

Main features of the toolkit are:

  • Implement Standard, Scientific and Programmer calculators
  • Utilize Custom, Silver, System and Modern UI styles
  • Works with scalar and vector variables
  • Performs calculations on arrays increasing calculation speed
  • Create formulas by clicking buttons and selecting variables
  • Inhibits creation of incorrect formulas by disabling buttons

Calculators have a user-friendly graphical interface for fast creation of formulas by clicking the buttons and selecting variables, and allow full customization of warning messages and VI closing scenarios. Formulas can include numbers, operations, and scalar and vector variables, and are being evaluated to disable buttons which are not allowed each time a new character is entered. Depending on the settings, a calculator VI can be closed when a calculation is performed and output the results to the terminal. Or the VI can be left running and the results displayed in the formula box.

This toolkit also includes the Calculate Formula VI to perform calculations using formulas which include vector variables. The VI performs calculations on arrays thus increasing the speed of calculation. Calculate Formula VI accepts string type formulas which can include operation, numeric and valid variables.

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