Sycon SMDP Protocol Toolkit

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Sycon SMDP protocol toolkit for LabVIEW allows easy implementation of data communication between... more
Product information "Sycon SMDP Protocol Toolkit"

Sycon SMDP protocol toolkit for LabVIEW allows easy implementation of data communication between Sycon controller based products.
Main Features of the toolkit are:

  • Ability to control your compressor and other Sycon controller based devices with LabVIEW
  • Supports Sycon Multi Drop Protocol Versions 2 and 3
  • Packet validity check with checksum included in the toolkit
  • Includes Master and Slave read/write VIs
  • Support for transmission and reception in serialized packet mode
  • Example code for a CP2800 Cryomech compressor is included in the toolkit

Sycon multi drop protocol is a single master, multiple slaves serial protocol. The protocol can be implemented over serial physical interfaces RS485 and RS232.

The toolkit supports SMDP protocol versions 2 and 3, incorporating special communication VIs for serialized packet mode.

The toolkit comes with the example code for a CP2800 Cryomech compressor.

Library includes separate Master and Slave VIs for data transmission (write) and reception (read). Data read VIs perform packet validity checks based on the packet checksum characters. The VIs also implement parsing of the received packet, providing response of the transmitter, serial number of the packet, slave address, data, etc.

Data transmission VIs implement automated replacement of not allowed characters, such as start of text (STX) and carriage return, thus enabling transmission of any characters.

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